All ELE horse rug cleaning washers are built to with stand heavy use from rug cleaning. We have specially designed programs that not only clean but also re-proof the rugs if required during the cleaning process. A variety of horse rug cleaning washers are available but in the main we supply 30lb to 50lb capacity cleaning machines. With flexibility in mind our equipment had been designed to either run off a single phase domestic supply or a 3 phase industrial supply. At ELE we are able to provide a full installation and commissioning service or alternatively supply only and our technical support team will guide you through the installation and commissioning process.

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All ELE tumble dryers are large highly efficient machines that will dry your rugs quickly and safely. With easy operators use and safety features such as built in cool down this allows the operator total peace of mind during the drying process. Our dryer sizing starts from as small as a 20lb to our larger 75lb version. They are available in a variety of options but in the main a Gas or Electric heat version are our most popular.

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We know that when it comes to installing laundry equipment in your yard, shop or outlet room, not only can there be a substantial financial outlay, but you have also to take into consideration the servicing cost for future years. So at Equine Laundry we have developed three flexible rental plans to suit each customers needs. Gold Care - We supply and install all the laundry equipment plus arrange for an automatic soap dispenser to be fitted

  • Silver Care - We supply and install the laundry equipment
  • Bronze Care - We supply and install our Approved Used Equipment

Which ever plan you decide we supply the equipment at a fixed monthly cost, for a fixed term, with no servicing costs. In addition to this there is no significant capital outlay and at the end of the term you have the option to ask us to remove the equipment and you can start again with new, upgraded equipment.

Opting for any one of our plans has a number of benefits other than just the benefits to your cash flow.

  • Free Installation
  • Free Preventative Maintenance Health Checks
  • Free Servicing
  • Free Priority Call Outs
  • Free Software Update if Required
  • No Capital Outlay
  • Flexible Equipment Upgrades
  • No Inflation Price Rises During the Term
  • Premiums are Fully Tax Deductible
  • Part Exchange your Existing Equipment

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Why do Companies Lease?


Leasing is a finance that is established as a tax efficient method of acquiring a variety of capital equipment. Most items of business equipment may be leased, from franking machines to vending machines, refrigeration to photocopiers plus of course vehicles.


Unlike many overdraft facilities and high street bank loans that are subject to rate changes a rental facility gives you the comfort of knowing exactly how much your payment will be as the rentals are fixed for the duration of the contract.


Using existing lines of credit to finance equipment can tie up funds, funds that could be more effective for unexpected or short-term requirements. Plus, leasing is unaffected by interest rate changes, consequently you can budget accordingly. Banks may require security by setting a fixed or floating charge and perhaps limit funding available; they may also require a deposit. It is likely a loan does not allow you the flexibility to change or upgrade your equipment, as much as leasing does. plus image of 005


In real terms the payments are reduced over the period of the lease by depreciation in the value of money


This facility allows you to stay ahead of technological developments whilst also maintaining a healthy cash flow. As your requirements change simply add to or upgrade your existing equipment at any time during your agreement.


Lease rentals are 100% allowable against pre-tax profits. In real terms a minimum of 25% tax relief is available therefore reducing the overall expenditure. Outright purchase not only ties up capital it also reduces tax deductible allowances. Please note this tax notification is given without liabilities and we suggest for further guidance and advice your customers contact their professional advisor so as all relevant considerations are accounted for.

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