What is a LPD horse rug washer
The LPD horse rug washer is robust commercial washing machine that has been designed to take the hard work out of cleaning mucky horse rugs
What size of machine do I need
This largely depends on the size of the rugs you wish to process, LPD normally recommends a 16kg machine, this allows the largest of rugs to be cleaned thoroughly. However for smaller rugs a standard 12kg machine will suffice.
How many rugs will it take at one time
The 16kg will take 1 of the very largest rugs that are on the market, but usually 2-3 is fine
Who are ELE
ELE are a division of the LPD group of companies, its parent company “The Stanland Group” has been trading since 1952. We have offices in Teesside and Birmingham, so you know you are in safe hands with a well established professional laundry equipment company.
Are you BETA members
LPD are full members of Beta and exhibit yearly at the Beta Show.
New or Used
The choice is really up to you, if you budget allows then New if not then one of our Factory Approved used will be the best option. Our used are completely stripped and rebuilt at our factory in West Bromwich. We have three engineers completely dedicated in the rebuild of our approved used.
What warranty will I receive from ELE
All our equipment usually comes with a full 12 months warranty
What services do ELE provide
As part of the LPD group of companies we carry over 10,000 different lines of spare parts and equipment available for a quick turnaround. We have a dedicated service department and a network of factory trained engineers on hand to keep breakdowns to a minimum.
Who can I use to install the equipment
ELE offer a full installation service upon request, this usually involves a free site evaluation. Alternatively we can assist your own installer on how to correctly install our equipment. Unlike other companies we will provide full specification on installation and correct guidelines to follow.
Do I need a tumble dryer
A tumble dryer will speed up the drying process; it also assists in the reproofing process as it ensures the rug takes the reproof
Do I need specialist cleaning agents
No, but we have formulated special programs exclusive to our equipment for rug cleaning. Normal soap powder or liquid may be use but we recommend either Nik Wax or System Fabricare cleaning products.
How do I reproof
There are two ways to reproof – the first being after the rug has been cleaned and you manually apply or the second during the wash program. We have developed a special program to do this and a liquid reproof must be added – Nik Wax and Coltex are readily available.
Is an automatic soap and reproof dispenser available
Yes, we work closely with an Auto Dosed Laundry Detergent Company. Our machines have been adapted for the use of Liquid detergents and reproof to be automatically dispensed during the wash and rinse cycle. A free trial is often available.
Can I operate on a single phase supply
Yes, 18kg machine can now operate quite successfully on a single phase cold water supply.
How long does it take to install
Usually a washer and dryer can be installed in 1 day all depending what is involved; this will be outlined by our free site evaluation.
Can I spread the cost
Yes, we have a number of options available from a lease option to a rental contract hire option. Please refer to our products page for the feature and benefits of each.
Do I need a hot water supply
No, the machines have there own heating elements built in.
Who have ELE supplied in the past
ELE are suppliers to some of the busiest rug cleaners in the uk, along with many professional racing stables such as Ferdy Murphy racing stables. For a full listing please see our customer list on the home page.
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